Weight Watchers Deals for Existing Users

Here's why WW doesn't offer coupons to current members

Does WW have membership specials for existing users? No, promo codes and deals for joining are reserved for new signups only. It can be a bit frustrating when you're a loyal customer of a service like Weight Watchers and you realize there are no deals or discounts for existing users, and promo codes only work when you first signup. But, there are a few good reasons why this is the case, and it's not a reflection of your loyalty.

Here's why WW doesn't have deals for existing users, and how can still save:

  1. Rewarding New Customers: Companies, including Weight Watchers, often offer attractive deals and discounts to new customers as a way to attract and introduce them to their services. It's like a warm welcome. They want to entice people who might be on the fence about trying their program. Offering special deals to newbies can be a way to encourage them to take that first step toward a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Member Loyalty: Weight Watchers, like many other subscription-based services, values its existing members. Their hope is that you'll continue to use and benefit from their program over the long term. They might not offer you as many discounts because they recognize your loyalty. It's a way of saying, "Thank you for being a part of our community." Instead of big discounts, they often focus on keeping their existing members engaged through added features, such as improved app functionality, support groups, and exclusive content.
  3. Investing in Ongoing Support: Weight Watchers invests in various resources to support their members, including maintaining a network of meeting locations, online tools, and mobile apps. All of this requires ongoing financial commitment. While they do have to attract new customers, they also need to generate revenue to continue providing the services that existing members rely on. That's where your subscription fees come into play.
  4. Promotional Periods: Even as an existing user, there may still be moments when Weight Watchers offers you deals, especially during special promotions or seasonal events. Keep an eye out for these, and you might be able to save a little bit. They want to show their appreciation to loyal members during these periods.
  5. Refer a Friend Programs: Weight Watchers often has "refer a friend" programs where you can save when you introduce someone new to the program. So, even as an existing user, you have an opportunity to benefit by bringing friends or family on board, both in terms of sharing a healthier journey and saving money.

In a nutshell, while it's true that Weight Watchers doesn't offer any deals to existing users, it's not a lack of appreciation for your loyalty. It's often a strategic decision to balance their need to attract new members and continue supporting those who are already a part of the WW community. Remember that the value you receive from their program, in terms of improved health and wellness, can far outweigh the cost of membership.